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Bulletin 2012 on the recognition of "the rapid development of enterprises"

Bulletin 2012 on the recognition of "the rapid development of enterprises"

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Each bureau (office) departments, Jianchi Street Party Working Committee, offices, parks enterprises:
         2012, Longquan, Zhejiang Industrial Park, adhere to the scientific development concept as a guide to "green rise, leveraging the development and characteristics of the competition, scientific leap" as the theme, "than learn a" carrier, "Ecology Li Garden, project Xing Park, strong science and technology park "for the goal, positive and promising, hard work load, to promote the rapid development of industrial economy, the emergence of a large number of contributions, good development, investment in large industrial enterprises, the development of the park to make a leap should contribute. To set an example, recognition of advanced, according to the Zhejiang Dragon BBA (2011) on the 26th, "issued in 2011 Longquan, Zhejiang Industrial Park admission enterprises incentives assessment notice", to produce a comprehensive evaluation of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other 36 countries Mirror companies to be informed recognition.
         I hope by the recognition of the enterprise redouble their efforts, with the times, blaze new trails, new heights. I hope other companies to advanced line advantage, tap potential, and constantly improve the management level and efficiency, enhance core competitiveness, sustained efforts for the park's industrial economy, health, and make greater contribution to the rapid development.

Attachment: List of winners
3, the rapid development of enterprises
Zhejiang Gaojin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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